Founder and President of Panoz Automobile Company

Bio of Dan Panoz
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Daniel E. Panoz, C.E.O. of Panoz Auto Development, is responsible for all operations and daily management of the company. Founded by Dan in 1989, Panoz has become America’s premier small-volume luxury sports car manufacturer. Dan was born on Valentine’s Day, 1962 and reared for the first part of his life in Athlone, Ireland. While in Ireland, he purchased a chassis designed by legendary automobile engineer Frank Costin from Thompson Motor Company, a small Irish car builder. Dan and two of his engineering friends moved the chassis to a converted Department of Transportation salt storage warehouse IN 1989. They used it to create the first vehicle to bear the Panoz name: the 1990 Panoz Roadster. Under Dan’s guidance, the Esperante was added to the Panoz stable in 2000. Dan and father Donald founded Panoz Motor Sports in 1996 to help develop new technologies and gain exposure for the burgeoning company. With the renowned racing sector and rapidly growing reputation of excellence, Panoz Auto Development has evolved into a five building, 100,000 square foot facility north of Atlanta. Dan Panoz has turned the small family-business into a large, well-respected American sports car manufacturer. Dan can still be found every day at the Panoz Auto Development facility located near the family’s Château Élan Winery and Resort.