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Bio of John A. Leverett
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Born and educated in London, England, John Anthony Leverett has been involved with automobiles all of his life. After moving to the United States, John joined the United States Air Force, serving for four years in intelligence in the Vietnam War. When he had completed his time in the military, John began a career in sales, in which he excelled. He now holds the position of Director of Sales and Marketing for Panoz Auto Development. John is a consummate professional. He began his career in sales for a major international corporation and worked his way up the corporate ladder to become sales manager. As a sales executive for 27 years, he directed a team of sales managers and a network of several hundreds of dealers. He was responsible for sales, marketing and advertising functions within this dealer base. Today, John manages all aspects of sales and promotion for Panoz Auto Development. He oversees the marketing of road cars, such as the Esperante, as well as the GTS racecars. He is married with three children; one of his sons, John Michael Leverett, is Panoz’s Chief Engineer. John’s passion for the automobile can be seen in his love of restoring vintage sports cars. Some of his restorations include Morgan’s, Porsches and MG’s. Working with his son, he has also invested countless years in motorsports with various Formula, Showroom Stock and Improved Touring Racecars. With his deep love of motorsports, high level of achievement in marketing fine automobiles and substantial expertise, John Leverett has the perfect combination of experience and passion to help the Panoz marque successful.