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Panoz AIV Roadster built 1997-1999

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97 Panoz AIV

From the Panoz web site:

Like A Punch to the Solar Plexus!
The mold has been broken. The blanket of automotive conformity lifted. The true American sports car has returned. A car that captures the imagination and awakens the senses. Not a rehash of past glory, but a new sports car, built with the passion and independent spirit once found in American cars.

This is the Panoz AIV Roadster.
As its name suggests, it is a roadster in the purest sense. Designed and built for the essence of open cockpit driving. A perfect marriage of new automotive technology, classic styling and hand-built craftsmanship. Its all aluminum body and chassis are the first to be designed and built in the
U.S. The unmistakable shape of its aerospace industry's Superplastic Forming (SPF) technology, another automotive industry first. Each panel is carefully assembled by hand. Every weld eyed with precision. Every coat of paint lovingly applied. You can see it as you trace its curves with your eyes. You will know it the first time you slip behind the wheel. The passion and devotion that can only come form a car built by hand. Turn the key and hear the throaty growl of the AIV Roadster's 305hp. V8 confirm what your other senses have been telling you. This is a high-performance exotic meant for spirited driving. One short throw of the shifter and you're off. The response of the accelerator matched only by the AIV Roadster's quick and nimble handling. Braking is precise. Even the tightest corners come and go with ease. And your connection with the road grows stronger with every mile. The Panoz AIV Roadster stands as a defiant challenge to automotive convention. As different in philosophy as it is in its design and manufacture. It is proof that high-performance and reliability are not mutually exclusive. Proof that the American sports car still lives.

Panoz AIV Roadster specs:
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Engine 4600cc (Ford)DOHC V-8
Power (bhp) 305 @ 5800 rpm
Torque 300 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm
Redline: 6800 rpm
Miles Per Gallon: 17/23 mpg
Curb Weight: 2570 lbs
Performance (0-60mph) 4.3sec
Performance (0-100mph) 11.7 sec
Top Speed (mph) 140
Skidpad: .97g
Slalom Speed: 67.0 mph
Braking, 0-60 mph: 119 ft
Base Price: (1997) $56,750 (plus luxury tax)
Place Of Manufacture: Braselton, Georgia (USA)