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Welcome to the
Panoz Roadster Registry

To support Panoz Roadster and Panoz AIV Roadster owners and enthusiasts who admire the Panoz automobile. There is no commercial purpose for this website.

Panoz Auto Development Company, the manufacturer of the vehicle, is not responsible for any content provided. The manufacturer has graciously provided production information about the Panoz Roadster and the Panoz AIV Roadster and provided a database of owners so that this Registry could be formed.

To educate those who have a love for the Panoz Roadster and want to know more about its history, construction, performance and the personnel who brought it into being.

To track the ownership and condition of all Panoz Roadsters. Since the Panoz AIV Roadster has not been manufactured since 1999 and many have changed hands multiple times, the Registry is a focal point for finding these Panoz automobiles.

Panoz Roadster owners:
Please join the Registry by answering our survey about your car. 
Owner's Survey

We may be able to provide you with historical information about your Panoz Roadster or Panoz AIV Roadster based on its VIN number. Contact us to see what information is available.

Benefits of Panoz Roadster Registry Participation:

* The historical record adds value to your Panoz Roadster

* Joining affords access to the Panoz Roadster Registry Database

* Registry educates and informs prospects for the Panoz Roadster

* Registry promotes the value of all Panoz Roadsters by widening awareness and increasing desirability of the cars

* Registry provides a free marketplace for posting market prices of Panoz Roadster cars sold and cars for sale

Check out all the 238 pages of the Panoz Roadster Registry which include Panoz history, production data, historical ads, factory brochures, road tests, owners' photo gallery and other articles about the pre-AIV Panoz Roadster and the later Panoz AIV Roadster.

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Contact Registrar: ed@panozroadster.com