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Panoz Roadsters and Panoz AIV Roadsters came in a variety of colors. The Production # section of this website has a tabulation of which colors were sold in each year.

Interiors of pre-AIV cars were somewhat different from the AIV versions. Both versions had the black or tan leather. Some came with a custom racing checkerboard design. The special Anniversary edition of the AIV Roadster had blue leather.

The pre-AIV cars had the iron block 5.0 Ford engine while the AIV cars had the Ford 4.6 modular four cam engine. Some AIV cars had superchargers installed by the factory. Early Panoz AIV Roadsters had a Roush tool kit in the trunk. Later ones did not. The top and side curtains came in a bag that  fit in the trunk.

This section provides some pictures of the various "body parts" of different Panoz Roadsters.