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The Panoz Roadster and the Panoz AIV Roadster are rare and unusual cars that were built in Georgia from 1992-1999. At that point in time, Federal laws changed making its production no longer possible. The factory then began production of the Panoz Esperante which continues till this day. While the Esperante has similar aluminum construction and Ford mechanicals, it is a more conventional design.

The Panoz Roadster began as a small venture of Dan Panoz who had purchased the rights to a chassis that was designed by the famous Frank Costin. The Panoz Roadster body was designed with the help of Freeman Thomas, designer of the Audi TT and the New VW Beetle.

The early Panoz Roadster had a stainless steel space frame chassis covered in special aircraft technology aluminum body work. The drivetrain was a Ford overhead valve V-8 with  a five speed transmission and solid rear axle. Most of the componentry was Ford. 

The later design first offered for sale in 1997 was called the Panoz AIV Roadster. This version had an all aluminum frame with steel subframe. The engine was an all aluminum  Ford modular double overhead cam 32 valve V-8. As a result, the car earned the designation Aluminum Intensive Vehicle (AIV). In fact, it was the first AIV made in the United States. This version had independent suspension all around. The most noticeable distinguishing feature of the AIV is the large hood scoop.

This section of the Panoz Roadster Registry provides further detail about the history of the Panoz Auto Development Company, production statistics for the Panoz Roadster and Panoz AIV Roadster, and photos of the cars. In addition, styling influences such as certain European sports cars and American hot rods are shown. There is a section on the Swiss company version of the Panoz Roadster built by Rinspeed. Some special Panoz Roadsters are discussed. Finally, some owners have modified their Panoz Roadsters and there is a gallery of photos of these cars.

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