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Panoz Roadster Production #s
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Panoz Roadster Production Numbers

    Start of Panoz Roadster Production:
    1990     1 fiberglass body mule never titled.

    1991     1 alloy body with stainless steel chassis race car.
                    Only car ever titled with the Costin rear end - titled as a 1992.

    1992     9 pre-AIV Panoz Roadsters (all had stainless steel space frame)

    1993     23 pre-AIV Panoz Roadsters

    1994     6 pre-AIV Panoz Roadsters

    1995     6 pre-AIV Panoz Roadsters

             Total pre-AIV Panoz Roadsters sold to the public = 44

    Start of Panoz AIV Roadster production:

    1996 Switch to Panoz AIV Roadster - 6 cars built for crash test and mules.
             Only 4 survived as pre-production prototypes.
             No 1996’s were ever sold outside the factory.

            VIN VB213005 was the first production Panoz AIV Roadster sold to the public.
            Those produced prior to #5 were built for testing, show and demonstration purposes.

    1997 Panoz AIV Roadster Production: 
          21 Red 
          19 Black Metallic 
            4 Green 
            3 Blue 
            2 Silver
            Total = 49

    1998 Panoz AIV Roadster Production:
          19 Red 
          13 Black Metallic 
            7 Sunburst Yellow 
            7 Silver 
            7 Blue 
            6 Cabernet 
            6 Ocean Extreme 
            4 Green 
            1 British Racing Green 
            1 Pearl White 
            1 Copper Bronze Extreme 
            Total = 72

    1999 Panoz AIV Roadster Production:
          16 Yellow 
          14 Silver 
          11 Titanium 
            8 Black Gloss 
            2 Red 
            2 Black Metallic 
            2 Blue Metallic 
            Total = 55

The last 10 1999 cars were sold in 2000 as 10th anniversary editions. 
They were all Titanium color with polished valve covers and polished Penske shocks.
Four of these cars had aftermarket superchargers installed as non-factory equipment.
In addition to the four anniversary editions that were supercharged, some regular 1999 cars
were supercharged for dealers after they were sold by the factory.

    Production Summary
            1997     49   Panoz AIV Roadsters 
          1998     72   Panoz AIV Roadsters 
          1999     55   Panoz AIV Roadsters (includes 10 Anniversary models) 


      Total Panoz AIV Roadsters sold to the public = 176 

    Total of all Panoz Roadsters sold to the public = 220



Pre AIV Panoz Roadsters have a stainless steel space frame and aluminum body. Power is a 5 liter iron block 225 horsepower Ford V-8 with Borg-Warner T-5 5 speed, solid rear axle

Panoz AIV Roadsters have an aluminum frame and body. Power is a 4.6 liter DOHC 305 horsepower Ford V-8, Borg-Warner T45 5 speed, independent rear end