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Many of the most famous automotive magazines conducted road tests on the Panoz Roadster and Panoz AIV Roadster. Sometimes these were simple mini-tests or reviews. Sometimes they were complete test and even comparison tests with competitive cars. While now out of print, these road tests provide a look at the performance capabilities of the Panoz and the pros and cons of the car. 

               Sports Car International, November 1990

                          AutoWeek, September 21, 1992  

                          Performance Ford , September 1993

               AutoWeek, February 14, 1994 

               Car and Driver, November 1995

               Sports Car International, Oct/Nov 1996

               Car and Driver, December 1996

               Mustangs and Fast Fords, Feb. 1997

               Road & Track, October 1997 

               Automobile, January 1998

               Motor Trend, May 1998

               Autocar, September 1998 

               Sports Car International, Dec/Jan 1999

               Road & Track, March 1999

               AutoWeek, May 24, 1999

               Car Collector, October 1999

               Car and Driver, March 2000

               Collectible Automobile, April 2000