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Special RoadstersFirst Roadster

The First Panoz Roadster
The first Panoz Roadster was a fiberglass bodied prototype. All later cars would be bodied in aluminum. This prototype Panoz was built in 1990. It had no bumpers and the seats, mirrors and other features would not be seen in production. Still, this car was very close in styling to all future production Panoz Roadsters.

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The Last Panoz AIV Roadster
The last Panoz Roadsters built were the Anniversary Editions which had titanium paint and polished wheels and engine. The interior was blue leather. Some had "aftermarket" superchargers. Each had a special plaque.

The Panoz Roadster
That Never Made It

The "Adelaide Roadster" prototype was built by Aria in Southern California in 2000. It was a right hand drive roadster intended for production in Adelaide Australia. It was expected that between 200-400 cars per year would be sold there and in export markets. It was through Don Panoz dealings with the SA Government and with wealthy Adelaide motorsport enthusiast and entrepreneur Dean Rainsford that the concept of the right-hand drive road car was developed.